We are a passionate team of travel planners who construct individual plans for people who love travelling but struggle or don’t enjoy planning their trips. We can do it for you.

How many times have you spent lots of money on restaurants or attractions you did not enjoy? Many travellers end up in restaurants with inflated prices and never see a glance of the real life and culture in these wonderful cities.

We love what we do, let us create a holiday you deserve.

Our Services

Our offer

We create detailed travel plans according to your preferences and budget. We also offer themed plans such as art, music travel, sport and specific events or festivals. 

Our offer is simple, a well planned holiday without stress or worries. No more wasting time during your trip: searching for a restaurant, standing in queues for tickets or spending half the day travelling across the city. 

Individual travelling


If you love travelling but struggle or don’t enjoy planning the trip, we will do it for you. 


To reveal the best locations, gastronomy and activities and to build them into a simple unique and highly personalised and individual plan.

Our Services

How it works

As our plans are highly individual, we prefer to discuss your wishes over a 20 minute call. If you prefer otherwise, you can fill in an easy form to let us know what you want out of this holiday.

Our Services


We use our experience and love for traveling to create events that are just as individual, customisable and awe-inspiring. 

We are able to create everything you envision for your event and can also assist companies with organisation or travel and accommodation for clients. 

Have a look at our projects portfolio to take a deep dive into our work.


“Anastasiia was the best travel planner we’ve ever worked with! The itinerary she laid out for us was personalised and truly reflected our ideal trip. She had incredible restaurant and attraction recommendations - both on a local and tourist level. Although we were only in Barcelona for a few days, I really feel like we explored majority of the city thanks to Anastasiia’s planning. If you’re looking for someone to help map out your next trip, I couldn’t recommend Anastasiia enough! She is amazing!”


San Francisco, USA

"We have visited Vienna with my wife for the first time. The planned program allowed us to visit such amazing places, while also allowing us to rest. It made our life so much easier and our trip much more enjoyable."



“We had a very nice trip to Lake Como and used Travelansa to help us plan the long weekend. What we loved the most was how much we were able to pack into just three days. All the usual travel stress was gone and we could enjoy every minute of our holiday. ”


Odessa, Ukraine


What we do?

We make personalized travel plans around the world.

What is included in each plan?

Detailed schedule for each day, including several options for all items (for example, 2 places for breakfast to choose from, 2 museums to choose from, etc.) with a Google Maps map.

How much does the plan cost?

Each plan is calculated individually, therefore prices may vary. Write to us and we will send you a quote.​

What countries do you work in?

We can plan your trip anywhere in the world. Although we are experts in European locations. 

How do you differ from travel agencies?

We do not sell you anything other than our knowledge, so we are not interested in offering you the most expensive options. In addition, due to the fact that we work worldwide, we do not have agreements with restaurants or guides, so our opinion is objective and not influenced by third parties.

How quickly can you make a plan?

It is advisable to write to us at least a week before your trip in order to still have the opportunity to purchase tickets for events and museums that we invite you to visit, as well as to make reservations at restaurants.

What to do if the trip did not take place?

We will happily reschedule the plan to a better time.

Let the journey begin!