We specialise in the travel element of both large and small corporate events. Removing the stressful part of the overall planning by taking care of travel and accommodation planning. While you plan your event we can plan everything outside of the event. 

We are happy to advise your participants on entertainment and activities depending on their personal preferences and budget. 


Not enough care is taken to help participants of corporate events outside the events themselves. Participants arriving in new countries are not sure where to go and what to do.


To take the burden of advising and planning travel, accommodation and activities outside of actual events.

We approach events in the same way we do our travel plans. Lightness, non rigid discussions. “Too many events feel the same and no longer release the feelings that bind a visitor to the product or cause represented” We are always learning, we look for challenges to evolve our understanding of what makes events memorable from charity events to large scale regattas and small business expo participation. For us an event is the ultimate form of organisational expression. Through our travel planning we learn what makes people happy,  we then use this knowledge at scale to create truly memorable events.

Travel in events

We specialise in ‘travel’ support for large corporate events, such as expos, meetings and product launches. We will ensure that the participants of the event will not need to worry about travel details. We recommend ways for getting to the location, activities in the area and can even book a table at the restaurant. We will cover all questions in connection with the travel element of your event.



  • Itinerary planning for the participants of the event (transportation, accommodation, activities support).


  • Consultation for travel and accommodation elements in events.

Charity evening of Ukrainian Culture and Music in Blanquerna 

These are trying times for everyone, and it gives us real hope to see the international community working in unison to help the people who have lost everything. Families have been divided; homes have been destroyed. Dreams, hopes and everyday life have been stopped. 

We wanted to raise some funds for the Stay Safe Ukraine charity fund but also to show the incredible history, culture, language, cuisine, and hospitality this great nation has to offer. 

Anastasiia Shyrokova (Musat) and Yelyzaveta Khomenko organized an evening of Ukrainian culture and song at the Blanquerna – Universitat Ramon Llull university. It was a wonderful evening where seven refugees from Ukraine, sang breathtaking songs from folk song all the way to modern pop. 

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved and for the support from the university. We would also like to thank everyone who contributed and spread word of the event.

Regatta of Champions 2022

During the month of November the inaugural Regatta of Champions was held in Cyprus, with 40 champions, from all over the world, competing for the title of world champion.

Travelansa is proud to announce that we were chosen as the travel partner for the competition, creating travel guides and also helping participants with any questions regarding accommodation, restaurants and activities.
Through this event, we received a wealth of experience, especially working with a large group of people.

The competition was a great success and we hope that all the participants enjoyed a warm and sunny November in Cyprus.
We are currently in the process of organising a brand new series of our own events and will share some glimpses very soon.

Let the journey begin!